Smart Gardening Gadgets That Help You Succeed

Smart Gardening Gadgets That Help You Succeed
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Smart Gardening Gadgets That Help You Succeed

If you want your garden to succeed, there are many things you have to do to ensure your plants have the best chance to survive and thrive from seed to harvest. If you were only growing one plant, that might be easier to do, but most people grow multiple vegetables, making it harder to regulate everything.

Luckily, technology has made it easier for those who want to garden, but who may not exactly have the green thumb others were blessed with. You’ll find a myriad of smart gadgets that have you doing the minimal steps needed to grow your own food.

These smart gardens come in many sizes, from the size of a bread box that grows 3 pods of plants to large tower gardens that can be placed somewhere in your home, adding a greenery and decorative effect.

These gadgets have many different features. Some are solely hydroponic, while others have a soil and self-watering mix. Many of them are self-cleaning, ensuring your plants are never in danger of becoming molded and wilted.

These smart gardens have built in LED lighting systems that provide the plants all they need to grow. They sometimes come with a dome that’s placed over the seed pod initially, and removed once the greenhouse effect has helped it to sprout.

As the plant grows, some gadgets, like the Click N Grow gardens, have additional arms that you insert to raise the height of the lamp so the plant can continue growing through to harvest.

The companies who sell these smart gardens have refill pods that you can order, and they carry things like lettuce, tomatoes, strawberries, peppers, peas, herbs and more. You can grow the same plant in one garden or mix it up.

The smart gardening gadgets are not just self-sustained indoor gardens, however. There are also gadgets you can use in other gardens of your choice. There are sensors you can buy that will report back to you about the current stats of your garden, even outdoors.

For example, it might tell you how moist the soil is, how much sunlight the plant is getting, and what the state of your soil is. You’ll know if the plant needs to be fertilized, and it takes all the guesswork out of the equation.

These intelligent sensors can be used indoors and out, on your food gardens or even in gardens you create for decorative purposes. It’s one more step to ensure you’re able to grow the best and most nutritious food for your well-being.


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